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December 19, 2018 2 min read

Music is perhaps one of the most powerful art forms on the planet. Music helps us set a mood, cement a memory and inspire dreams. So, it is no surprise that the right music can transform a mild high into something truly mind-blowing.

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Music and marijuana have a unique symbiotic relationship that results in a mentally-stimulating and electric experience. While there are many different albums that a great to listen to while high there are a few that are considered the quintessential for any 4:20 playlist

Living Dead - Grateful Dead

Released in November 1969 this was the first official album by the Grateful Dead. Comprised from a series of concerts in early 1969 this album was touted as “the finest rock improvisation ever recorded” Featuring their signature song Dark Star, this live album makes you feel like you were there.




Dark Side of the Moon- Pink Floyd

The 8th album released by the English rock band in March of 1973 is perhaps the quintessential stoner album, as pop culture has pretty much canonized Pink Floyd as the canonical druggie band. Are you a newbie? Then this is the perfect album/song to start with. Just take a few deep hits and press play as the opening salvo fills the air.




36 Chambers: Enter the Wu-Tang- Wu-Tang Clan

This album is jammed packed with pop-culture references, low-fi beats and a twisted lyrics that are this hip-hop group’s trademark. In fact, the band recommends listening to their debut album high as RZA has stated to multiple outlets “ You’ll definitely like our shit more when you’re high.”





Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots- Flaming Lips

 After two decades in the business, the Flaming Lips released an album that seemed like they were discovering the world for the first time.  A mix of spacy electronic excursions and bright orchestration, this album ponders the big-picture questions about paranoia, love and the universe. Between its inventive lyrics and whimsical score, this album is chock full of songs that transport the listener to a whole new world.



Of course, there are many more albums to add to your playlist, but these 4 are a great place to start.

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