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December 18, 2018 2 min read

This one is for the ladies who love weed!

Young women in the cannabis industry know they are outnumbered. You might not know it but disparities in gender still persist through most of the industry; only 36% of executive positions in the cannabis industry are held by women. Crazily enough, that’s a higher ratio than most American industries. We definitely give cannabis props for providing women with an industry that they can excel in without a long history of male dominance. However, we believe equality comes when we see women on Bong Appetite, in MG magazine and seeing vendors in the back room just as often as the guys.

We're not alone. As cannabis use becomes more normalized as a medical and recreational activity, more and more women come order from Three Greens Collective as patients and vendors alike, and more women are owning their relationship with cannabis. Girls and women can dab, roll joints and down 200mg edibles while making that money too, and they’re helping each other do it too. WomenGrow is a network of businesswomen in the cannabis industry who want to connect likeminded ladies with business skills and opportunities. They host networking events, conferences and education seminars in the hopes of cultivating a new generation of women working and dominating in cannabis. They have chapters all over the United States, so nowhere is “too far.”

There are, additionally, many female-owned collectives and female owned brands making a name for themselves by making products that are made by women with women in mind. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone is making a PMS-geared topical like Whoopi Goldberg, but women have a different perspective of the world, so it follows their relationship with cannabis may differ. Many female patients will agree that it’s awkward talking to a man you don’t know about your cramps and bloating, and they might not be able to make an informed decision. If you do not live within a convenient distance from a dispensary storefront or just don’t feel comfortable discussing your symptoms, no worries.



We truly believe in cannabis as relief for pre-menstrual and menstrual symptoms. The best remedy is a combination of high-THC and high-CBD products, or one that utilizes both, so both the pain and inflammation are addressed. Not all of these products were made by women, but if they weren’t, they definitely had women in mind.

Don’t think I forgot my lady dabheads, because I certainly didn’t. if you’re new to CBD concentrates, don’t expect the same brain melt. CBD dabs are powerful as anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory agents, with little psychoactive effect.

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