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Strawberry Premium Vape Cartridge

Honey Oil's strawberry flavored vape cart is flavored with 100% natural fruit flavorings and has the effects of a hybrid strain of weed. Nice and mellow high that can get you through the day without bringing you down. The flavor has an amazingly sweet strawberry taste to it, without being overbearing. These cartrdiges are extremely potent! The hardware is pure stainless steel and pyrex glass with a ceramic atomizer. No wick or plastic involved. Defintely the quality you would expect from a company like Honey Oil. 

Order Minimums - Delivery is free. However, there are order minimums. The minimum for delivery is $20 to Calexico, $40 to Heber, $50 to El Centro, $100 to Holtville, Imperial, Brawley and $200 to other surrounding areas. Thanks for understanding.